A.1 GID1 and GID2 files

22.0223GPPMobile functionality specificationPersonalisation of Mobile Equipment (ME)Release 17TS

The GID1 and GID2 elementary files on the SIM are specified in GSM 11.11 (ETS 300 977) [7].

The GID1 and GID2 elementary files on the USIM are specified in TS 31.102 [9].

For the purposes of this TS, a SIM/USIM is said to support one of these two files if it is marked as both allocated and activated in the SIM/USIM service table.

The SP and corporate codes are stored in byte 1 of the appropriate files.

If byte 1 contains a hexadecimal value between "00" and "FE" inclusive, then this represents the SP/corporate code in the GID1/GID2 files respectively. For the purpose of these personalisation features, the ME shall ignore the contents of any other bytes of the file.

The value "FF" is the default value to be used in byte 1 when no meaningful SP/corporate code is represented in the GID1/GID2 files respectively. This value shall not be allocated as an SP/corporate code.

Note that network operators would normally allocate SP codes for its service providers and SPs would normally allocate corporate codes for its corporate customers.