13 Personalisation Cycle Restrictions

22.0223GPPMobile functionality specificationPersonalisation of Mobile Equipment (ME)Release 17TS

Security mechanisms shall be implemented to ensure that additions or changes to any personalisation category shall only be made by persons authorised to do so for that category (see Section 14).

During the Personalisation cycle of a category, before any changes are made to the existing personalisation data, it shall be checked that :

– the category to be personalised is not currently activated;

– the new codes to be stored are a subset of the existing codes.

(e.g. for a ME which is already network-personalised with the network code N1 and that is to be personalised for the SP category, N1-SP1 can be added but N2-SP2 cannot be added).

NOTE 1: If no personalisation category are active, then no checks are necessary.

NOTE 2: If the entities of an active personalisation category are to be modified, then this shall only be possible if the personalisation category is first de-personalised by means of the appropriate Control Key.

NOTE 3: After each personalisation cycle, the number of SIM/USIMs with which the ME can operate decreases. If further personalisation cycles of specific personalisation categories are to be prevented, the disable‑personalisation feature can be used (see clause 10).