1 Scope

37.1043GPPMulti-Standard Radio (MSR) Base Station (BS) radio transmission and receptionNR, E-UTRA, UTRA and GSM/EDGERelease 17TS

The present document establishes the minimum RF characteristics of NR, E-UTRA, UTRA, GSM/EDGE and NB-IoT Multi-Standard Radio (MSR) Base Station (BS). Requirements for multi-RAT and single-RAT operation of MSR BS are covered in the present document. The requirements in the present document for E-UTRA, UTRA and NB-IoT single-RAT operation of MSR BS are also applicable to E-UTRA, UTRA and NB-IoT multi-carrier capable single-RAT BS. Requirements for GSM BS that are only single-RAT capable in all supported operating bands are not covered.