7 Functions of SLmAP

36.4593GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN)Release 17SLm interface Application Protocol (SLmAP)TS

The SLmAP protocol has the following functions:

– Measurement Information Transfer. This function allows the E-SMLC to exchange measurement information with the LMU for the purpose of UTDOA positioning.

– SLm interface management. This function allows initialization of the SLm interface and exchange of capability information between the E-SMLC and LMU.

– Reporting of general error situations. This function allows proper error reporting and handling.

Table 7.1: Mapping between SLmAP functions and LPPa EPs


Elementary Procedure(s)

Measurement Information Transfer

a) Measurement

b) Measurement Update

c) Measurement Abort

SLm Interface Management

a) SLm Setup

b) Reset

Reporting of general error situations

Error Indication