7 Functions of M2AP

36.4433GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN)M2 Application Protocol (M2AP)Release 17TS

The M2AP protocol provides the following functions:

– MBMS Session Handling. This function supports start, stop and modify of an MBMS session, as well as configuration and modification of basic radio transmission parameters related to that service.

– MBMS Scheduling Information. This function provides MCCH related information, and optional session suspension decision to the eNB.

– Reporting of General Error Situations. This function allows reporting of general error situations, for which function specific error messages have not been defined.

– Resetting the M2. This function is used to reset the M2 interface.

– Setting up the M2. This function is used to exchange necessary data for the eNB for setup the M2 interface, provides basic configuration of radio parameters for transmission of MBMS data and implicitly perform an M2 Reset.

– eNB and MCE Configuration Update functions are to update configuration data exchanged during setup of M2.

– MBMS Service Counting. This function enables the MCE to perform counting and to receive the counting results for the MBMS service(s) per MBSFN area.

– MBMS Overload Notification. This function enables the eNB to notify the MCE about the MBMS overload status.

The mapping between the above functions and M2 Eps is shown in the table below.

Table 1: Mapping between M2AP functions and M2AP Eps


Elementary Procedure(s)

MBMS Session Handling

a) MBMS Session Start
b) MBMS Session Stop
c) MBMS Session Update

MBMS Scheduling Information

MBMS Scheduling Information

Reporting of General Error Situations

Error Indication

Resetting the M2


Setting up the M2

M2 Setup

Configuration Update

a) eNB Configuration Update

b) MCE Configuration Update

MBMS Service Counting

a) MBMS Service Counting

b) MBMS Service Counting Results Report

MBMS Overload Notification

MBMS Overload Notification