8.3A Capabilities for Support of Event Triggering and Reporting Criteria in CELL_DCH State (1.28 Mcps option)

25.1233GPPRelease 17Requirements for support of radio resource management (TDD)TS

8.3A.1 Introduction

This section contains requirements on UE capabilities for support of event triggering and reporting criteria. As long as the measurement configuration does not exceed the requirements stated in section 8.3A.2, the UE shall meet the performance requirements defined in section 9.

The UE can be requested to make measurements under different measurement identities. Each Measurement Identity corresponds to either event based reporting, periodic reporting or no reporting. In case of event based reporting, each Measurement Identity is associated with one or more events, each identified with an Event Identity. In case of periodic reporting, a Measurement Identity is associated with one periodic reporting criterion. In case of no reporting, a Measurement Identity is associated with one no reporting criterion.

The purpose of this section is to set some limits on the number of different event, periodic and no reporting criteria the UE may be requested to track in parallel.

8.3A.2 Requirements

In this section a reporting criterion corresponds to either one event (in the case of event based reporting), or one periodic reporting criterion (in case of periodic reporting), or one no reporting criterion (in case of no reporting). For event based reporting, each instance of event, with the same or different Event Identities, is counted as separate reporting criterion in Table 8.6A.

The UE shall be able to support in parallel per category up to Ecat reporting criteria according to Table 8.6A. The same type of events (e.g. events 1G) are counted as different events if either any of the parameters related to the events or their neighbour cell lists differ from each other.

For the measurement categories: Intra-frequency, Inter frequency and Inter-RAT the UE need not support more than 14 reporting criteria in total. For the measurement categories Traffic volume and Quality measurements the UE need not support more than 16 reporting criteria in total.

Table 8.6A: Requirements for reporting criteria per measurement category

Measurement category









Only applicable for UE with this capability



Only applicable for UE with this capability

UE internal measurements


Traffic volume measurements

2 + (2 per Transport Channel)

Quality measurements

2 per Transport Channel

UP measurements


Only applicable for UE with this capability.