12 Output intermodulation

25.1163GPPRelease 17TSUTRA repeater radio transmission and reception (LCR TDD)

12.0 General

The transmit intermodulation performance is a measure of the capability of the transmitter to inhibit the generation of signals in its non linear elements caused by presence of the wanted signal and an interfering signal reaching the transmitter via the antenna.

The transmit intermodulation level is the power of the intermodulation products when a LCR TDD modulated interference signal is injected into the antenna connector at a mean power level of 30 dB lower than that of the mean power of the subject signal.

12.1 Minimum requirement

The frequency of the interference signal shall be 1.6 MHz, 3.2 MHz and 4.8 MHz offset from the subject signal. The Transmit intermodulation level shall not exceed the out of band or the spurious emission requirements of section 9.1 and 9.2.