24.6473GPPAdvice Of Charge (AOC) using IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) subsystemRelease 17TS

The AOC-D service provides information about the recorded charges during the active phase of a call.

The information shall contain the following elements:

– type of charging information (see subclause C.3.1); and

– recorded charges (see subclause C.3.2).

C.3.1 type of charging information

Type of charging information shall have one of the following values:

– subtotal charges; or

– total charges.

C.3.2 recorded charges

Recorded charges shall be expressed as one of the following elements:

– recorded number of currency units or charging units (see subclause C.5.9); or

– free of charge; or

– not available.

C.3.3 Void