A.2 Resource representation and APIs for event triggered network slice configuration

24.5493GPPNetwork slice capability enablement- Service Enabler Architecture Layer for Verticals (SEAL)Protocol specificationRelease 17Stage 3TS

A.2.1 ETN_Configuration API

A.2.1.1 API URI

The HTTP URIs used in HTTP requests from SNSCE-C towards the SNSCE-S shall have the Resource URI structure as defined in clause B. which is {apiRoot}/su_nsc/<apiVersion>/val-services/{valServiceId}/configurations/{ConfigurationId}, where

a) {valServiceId} is set to the value of the "VAL Service ID" of the VAL application; and

b) {ConfigurationId} is set to the identity of the configuration.

A.2.1.2 Resources

A. Overview

The Resource URI structure of the ETN_Configuration API is as shown in Figure A.

Figure A. Resource URI structure of the ETN_Configuration API

Table A. provides an overview of the resources and applicable HTTP method.

Table A. Resources and method overview

Resource name

Resource URI

HTTP method





Performs configuration.

NOTE: In this release, the only configuration is the slice adaptation as described in 3GPP TS 23.434 [2].

A. Resource: Configuration

A. Description

The Configuration resource allows an SNSCE-C a specific configuration identified by a configuration ID, to send an HTTP request containing:

a) a list of one or more VAL UEs;

b) a requested S-NSSAI;

c) optionally a requested DNN; and

d) optionally a requested configuration cause,

for a specific VAL service identified by a VAL service ID, toward a SNSCE-S to perform a network triggered slice configuration for the list of one or more VAL UEs for that specific VAL service.

NOTE: In this release, S-NSSAI and DNN are the only used route selection descriptors of the URSP rules described in 3GPP TS 24.526 [3].

A. Resource Definition

The SNSCE-C uses the parameters shown in table A. to communicate with the SNSCE-S in order to trigger a network slice configuration for one or more VAL UEs within a VAL service.

Table A. Client side parameters for network slice configuration trigger




REQUIRED. Represents a space-separated list of VAL UE Ids within a given VAL service, for which a given network slice configuration trigger applies.


REQUIRED. The new S-NSSAI which is requested.

Requested DNN

OPTIONAL. The new DNN which is requested.

Configuration cause

OPTIONAL. Indicates the cause for the configuration.

Annex B (normative):
CoAP resource representation and encoding