11 Identities

23.2053GPPBearer-independent circuit-switched core networkRelease 17Stage 2TS

11.1 Bearer Address and Binding Reference

The Bearer Address is exchanged on the Nc and Mc interfaces to identify the termination point of the bearer control signalling within the peer Media Gateway.

A Binding Reference is an identity, unique within the scope of one bearer control function, which identifies a bearer network connection. This information is exchanged on the Nc and Mc interfaces. The bearer control function is identified by the Bearer Address.

11.2 MGW-Id

The Media Gateway Identity (MGW-Id) is information sent on the Nc interface to aid Media Gateway selection by the succeeding/preceding node.

The MGW-Id is bearer independent and it can be translated into a signalling address towards the appropriate MGW.

11.3 (G)MSC server Address

The (G)MSC server Address defines the signalling address associated with the (G)MSC server that is used to interact with the Media Gateway over the Mc interface. This is a unique address in the network service supplier domain.