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23.0813GPPLine Identification supplementary servicesRelease 17Stage 2TS

The present document gives the stage 2 description of the call identification supplementary services.

The group line identification supplementary services are divided into the following four supplementary services:

‑ Calling line identification presentation CLIP (clause 1);

‑ Calling line identification restriction CLIR (clause 2);

‑ Connected line identification presentation COLP (clause 3);

‑ Connected line identification restriction COLR (clause 4).

0.1 References

The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of the present document.

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0.2 Definitions and abbreviations

0.2.1 Definitions Definition of line identity

The line identity is made up of the following information units:

‑ The subscriber’s international ISDN/MSISDN number;

‑ Optionally subaddress information.

For mobile originated calls, the ISDN/MSISDN shall always be provided within the network. The subaddress shall only be included if it is provided by the user (or user equipment).

The calling line identity is the line identity of the calling party. The connected line identity is the line identity of the connected party.

The additional calling line identity provides additional line information for the purpose of the calling line identification presentation service (CLIP). The additional connected line identity provides additional line information for the purpose of the connected line identification presentation service (COLP).

For mobile originating calls the user (or user equipment) has no possibility to provide an additional line identity. For mobile terminating calls the user (or user equipment) has no possibility to provide an additional connected line identity. Definition of presentation and screening indicators

In addition to, or instead of, the line identity or additional line identity, the network may send a presentation indicator (PI) together with a Cause of no CLI (CoNC) and/or a screening indicator (SI) to the MS as follows:

‑ Presentation Indicator:

a) Presentation allowed;

b) Presentation restricted;

c) Number not available.

‑ If the Presentation Indicator indicates "presentation restricted" the Cause of no CLI may give a diagnostic:

a) Unavailable;

b) Rejected by user;

c) Interaction with other services;

d) Coin line/ Pay phone.

‑ Screening indicator:

a) User provided, verified and passed;

b) User provided, not screened;

c) network provided.

The screening indicator applies to the ISDN/MSISDN or the number given as additional line identity respectively.

0.2.2 Abbreviations

Abbreviations used in the present document are listed in 3GPP TR 21.905.