5.2 Functions and information flows

23.0343GPPHigh Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD)Release 17Stage 2TS

The procedures discussed in this clause follow the procedures described in detail in 3GPP TS 48.008 [4], 3GPP TS 23.413 [19], 3GPP TS 23.415 [20], and 3GPP TS 24.008 [3]. Modifications are referred with text in brackets and conditional procedures with dashed line. Normal signalling or signalling presented earlier in the document is drawn with ovals.

NOTE: 3GPP TS 43.051 [18] does not specify the GERAN internal interface between BSC and BTS. For the information flows in this document it is assumed that the protocols and procedures on this interface follow the conventions for the Abis interface, however, this is only an implementation option.