5 FIGS Level 1: Accelerated TAP Records

23.0313G Security3GPPFraud Information Gathering System (FIGS)Stage 2Technical realizationTS

5.1 Method of FIGS Setting

A PLMN shall request that a VPLMN monitor a designated subscriber using FIGS level 1 by setting a Hot Billing flag in the subscriber data stored in the HLR of the HPLMN. This data is drawn down by the VPLMN when the subscriber first registers in the VPLMN.

If the HPLMN wishes to begin monitoring of a subscriber using FIGS Level 1 when the subscriber is already registered in the VPLMN, it resets the subscriber data in the VPLMN using command Insert Subscriber Data.

5.2 Information Flows

If a subscriber in a VPLMN is set in the subscriber categories to be monitored using FIGS Level 1 the VMSC shall process and return the TAP records for that subscriber in accordance with the guidelines given in current and future version of TAP.