22.5193GPPBusiness communication requirementsTS

The present document is structured in a similar manner to ETSI TS 181 005 [2] and the main clause numbering from this point in the document onwards therefore follows that document, with the scope of those clauses also following that of ETSI TS 181 005 [2].

As well as the interconnection of NGCN equipment to the NGN, the NGN can be used to host various business communication capabilities on behalf of an enterprise. These are:

a) virtual leased line, where NGCN sites are interconnected through the NGN;

b) business trunking application, where the NGN hosts transit capabilities between NGCNs, break-in capabilities from NGN to NGCN and break-out capabilities from NGCN to NGN; and

c) hosted enterprise services, where an NGN hosts originating and/or terminating business communication capabilities for business communication users that are directly attached to an NGN.

These hosted capabilities may be hosted using the different capabilities described in different clauses in ETSI TS 181 005 [2] and therefore where appropriate the various clauses of the present document are broken up to further describe interconnection requirements, and these various hosted capabilities, as follows:

x.1 General;

x.2 NGN/NGCN interconnection requirements;

x.3 Specific requirements for hosted enterprise services;

x.4 Specific requirements for business trunking application; and

x.5 Specific requirements for virtual leased line.

This structure has been followed in 3GPP TS 22.519, even though 3GPP TS 22.228 [6] (the equivalent specification) is structured in a different manner.