1 Scope

22.3403GPPIP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) messagingStage 1TS

The present document specifies the stage one description of the IMS Messaging services. Stage one is an overall service description and defines service requirements, primarily from the subscriber’s and service providers’ points of view, and does not deal with the details of the human interface itself.

The present TS includes information applicable to network operators, service providers and terminal, switch and database manufacturers.

The present TS contains the requirements for IMS Messaging services, which are sufficient to provide a complete service. The messaging types identified in this document are: immediate messaging and session based messaging.

It is highly desirable that technical solutions for IMS Messaging services should be sufficiently flexible to allow for possible enhancements. Additional functionalities not documented in this 3GPP TS may implement requirements which are considered outside the scope of this 3GPP TS. Such additional functionality shall not compromise conformance to the core requirements of the service.