4 Overview

22.2823GPPMission Critical (MC) dataTS

MCData defines a service for Mission Critical Data services. As well as voice services, current mission critical users have been increasing their use of data services, including low throughput services on legacy networks and data services on commercial networks. This need will continue to grow with the creation of the new multimedia services. The MCData service needs to provide a means to manage all data connections of mission critical users in the field and provide relevant resources to the ones who need it. For example mission critical users already use event manager software along with the voice system. The migration to 3GPP networks will allow mission critical users to operate current and new data services whilst relying on the fundamental capabilities of mission critical communication such as defined for MCPTT in [4] and included into MCCoRe [3].

The MCData Service provides a set of communication services that will be directly used by the user or functions that will be called by external applications in control rooms.

The MCData Service will reuse functions including end-to-end encryption, key management, authentication of the sender, etc. defined in [3] in order to provide group communications for data services. As for all mission critical services, users affiliate to groups in order to receive communications directed to the group.

In addition, the MCData Service will provide a set of generic capabilities such as: messaging, file distribution, data streaming, IP proxy, etc. Also, the MCData Service will provide specific services such as conversation management, data base enquiries, internet access, robots control.

The MCData Service is expected to have open interfaces in the network. It needs also to provide an opportunity for a variety of multimedia applications using the MCData Service.