6 User experience of combinational services

22.2793GPPCombined Circuit Switched (CS) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) sessionsStage 1TS

When one of the participating users terminates the CS call of a combinational service, the IMS session may continue.

When one of the participating users terminates the IMS session of a combinational service, the CS call may continue.

When the user A sends media to a user B, the user B can accept or reject the media (confirmation from the receiving party is needed) and vice versa.

If media, or parts thereof, accepted by a user cannot be rendered by the UE simultaneously with the CS call, conflicts shall be resolved such that the user is presented with:

– CS speech with preference over IMS speech/audio;

– IMS video and images with preference over CS video.

It shall be possible to initiate a combinational service with user perceived simultaneous setup of IMS session and CS call. The CS call and IMS session can be established sequentially and on the failure of any of the setups the user may be prompted to decide whether to continue. The terminating user shall be able to accept or reject CS call or IMS session independently.