10 Charging

22.2433GPPRelease 17Speech recognition framework for automated voice servicesStage 1TS

The user can be charged for sessions with SRF-based automated voice services in a variety of ways. The following shall be possible:

a) By duration of session (including "one-off" charge/flat rate)

b) By data volume transferred (number of packets) or other similar criteria.

c) By subscription fees for the service (unlimited usage or unlimited usage up to a point and then per-use fees)

d) Free (e.g. with the service being subsidised by advertising revenue from advertisement spots). The advertisement spots may be inserted either at session start-up or close, or designed in such that system delay time is masked (e.g., while the user is waiting for the flight schedules to be returned, or a purchase transaction to be completed). The network operator will receive revenue from users directly as well as from the content and service providers who want their sites to be accessible via the automated voice service, and from advertisers. Advertising spots can be inserted at appropriate points during the session (e.g., at the beginning of the session, while the user is waiting for a system response, or at the end of a session).

SRF-based automated voice services shall be available to pre-paid and post-paid subscribers.