3 Definitions and abbreviations

22.2263GPPGlobal Text Telephony (GTT)Release 17Stage 1TS

3.1 Definitions

Total Conversation: A service offering standardised simultaneous text, video and voice conversation or a subset thereof.

Host environment : The session environment where the text component is added. E.g. Circuit switched voice, IP Multimedia etc.

Text Conversation: A real time conversation in text with transmission character by character as entered.

Further definitions are listed in 3GPP TR 21.905 [10].

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of this document the following abbreviations apply:

EDT European Deaf Telephone

GTT Global Text Telephony; The feature that adds real time text conversation to any 3GPP conversational environment

GTTFE Global Text Telephony Feature Environment – The network components and functions forming GTT

TTY Here used as the term for the text telephone type dominating in USA.

DTMF Here used as a term for the text telephone type used in Holland, using DTMF tones.

VCO Voice Carry Over: Alternating (or parallel) sending of Speech and receiving Text

HCO Hear Carry Over: Alternating (or parallel) receiving Speech and transmission of Text

FCC Federal Communications Commission (of United States of America)

PER Printable character Error Rate

MMI Man Machine Interface

SIM Subscriber Identification Module

ITU International Telecom Standardisation Union

GSM Global System for Mobile communication

3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project

CS Circuit Switched

IP Internet Protocols

Further abbreviations are listed in TR 21.905 [10].