1 Scope

22.1743GPPPush ServiceRelease 17Service aspectsStage 1TS

This Technical Specification defines the Stage 1 description of the Push Service and is the set of requirements that shall be supported for the provision of push, seen primarily from the subscriber’s, service providers’ and delivery network points of view.

This TS includes information applicable to network operators, service providers, terminal and network manufacturers. It is of use to manufacturers and organisations which have devices or machines benefiting by availability of push service.

This TS contains the core requirements for the Push Service, for operator and external Push Initiators, which are sufficient to provide a complete service capability and service capability feature.

This TS defines the requirements for the Push Service to enable delivery of push data, including such functionality as:

  • Transfer of push data from a Push Initiator to a Push Recipient
  • Latency and Priority classes,
  • Definition of handling of undeliverable push data.