7 Interaction with other services

22.0973GPPMultiple Subscriber Profile (MSP) Phase 2Release 17Service descriptionStage 1TS

7.1 The Multi-Numbering Scheme

Each profile may employ the single-numbering scheme or the multi-numbering scheme. The multi-numbering scheme is described in 3GPP TS 22.001 [6]. For each of the profile(s) defined above, it shall be possible for the subscriber to be allocated different MSISDNs for different basic services.

7.2 The Short Message Service

The Short Message Service is described in 3GPP TS 23.040 [4]. It will not be possible to indicate the profile used for the MT case. All MO short messages will be sent from the default profile.

MO short messages can be sent from (and charged to) the registered profile or an explicitly selected profile.

Whilst roaming in a network not supporting MSP Phase 2, all MO short messages will be sent from and charged to the default profile.

7.3 Interactions with CAMEL

CAMEL based services can be provisioned either per subscriber or per profile depending on the operator specific implementation in the CSE.

For call independent supplementary service procedures for CAMEL based services, information to identify the registered profile shall be passed to the CAMEL server.

7.4 Interactions with OR

No interaction

NOTE: It is a HPLMN option to allow or deny OR of forwarded calls where the HPLMN recognises that the IPLMN does not support MSP. This is due to the requirement to include an indication of the profile ID in call detail records which may be raised in the IPLMN and sent to the HPLMN.

7.5 Operator Determined Barring

ODB shall apply either per subscriber or per profile.

7.6 Roaming restrictions

These will apply on a per subscriber basis.