1 Scope

22.0943GPPFollow Me service descriptionRelease 17Stage 1TS

The present document specifies the stage 1 description for the Follow Me feature.

The Follow Me feature enables a mobile subscriber A to manipulate the Follow Me data of a party B in such a way that – under certain conditions – subsequent calls directed to party B will be forwarded to subscriber A.

The feature is described from the service subscriber’s and user’s point of view, in particular:

‑ the procedure for normal operation with successful outcome;

‑ the action to be taken in exceptional circumstances;

‑ the interaction with other GSM services and features.

This TS does not deal with the Man‑Machine Interface (MMI) requirements, but makes reference to the appropriate specifications.

Any interaction with other services and/or networks not dealt with in this specification are outside the scope of this TS.