6 Interactions of Optimal Routing with Supplementary Services

22.0793GPPService definitionStage 1Support of Optimal Routeing (SOR)TS

No Interaction unless it is stated differently below.

6.1 Call Forwarding

Interactions between SOR and Call Forwarding are dealt with in clause 5.0.

6.2 Call Barring

Outgoing Call Barring services are applied according to the dialled number.

Barring of Incoming calls when Roaming outside the HPLMN country will prevent calls to a mobile subscriber who has roamed outside her HPLMN country even if OR would result in no chargeable roaming leg.

The existing interactions between Call Forwardings and Call Barrings are not changed by the introduction of OR.

6.3 Call Transfer

A transferred call is considered as a set of two separate calls which may be separetely optimally routed.

Optimal Routing shall not be invoked as a result of the invocation of Call Transfer.

6.4 Call Deflection

A deflected call is considered as a late forwarded call and as such may be optimally routed.

6.5 Advice of Charge

Depending on call scenarios, AoC may not work properly.