4 Description

22.0723GPPCall Deflection (CD) service descriptionStage 1TS

4.1 General Description

The CD Supplementary Service enables the served mobile subscriber to respond to an incoming call offered by the network by requesting redirection of this call to another number specified in the response. The CD supplementary service can only be invoked before the connection is established by the served mobile subscriber, i.e. in response to the offered call during the period that the served subscriber is being informed of the call. The served subscriber’s ability to originate calls is unaffected by the CD supplementary service.

A maximum number of diversions is permitted for each call with an upper limit of five diversions. When counting the number of diversions, all types of diversions are included. As an network operator option the maximum number of diversions shall be in the range of one to five diversions per call. If the limit of successive diversions of a call is already reached an unsuccessful call setup indication is sent backward to the network originating the call.

The invocation of Call Deflection can either be an automatic response from the mobile station to the offered call (use pre-programmed information) or may be the result of an action by the served subscriber. The mobile station related procedures to pre-program and display the deflected-to number is out of the scope of this specification.

If the CD service is provisioned and there is no service violation, the request will be accepted, the connection to the served mobile station will be released (with an appropriate notification) and a call towards the deflection-to subscriber will be established.

4.2 Applicability to telecommunication services

The applicability of this supplementary service is defined in TS 22.004 [2].