6 Normal procedures with successful outcome

22.0663GPPService descriptionStage 1Support of Mobile Number Portability (MNP)TS

Mobile Number Portability is offered to all subscribers of telephone services subject to regulatory requirements.

A porting process is initiated at a subscriber’s request on their selected DN(s) with the relevant networks. Initiation of the porting process is an off-line administrative process and cannot be invoked via a specific MMI on the hand-set.

After successful porting the subscriber, is able to use the provisioned telephone services and network specific services of the subscription network as offered to non-ported subscribers on that network. Porting will effectively initiate a new subscription

As part of the porting process, the donor, number range owner and recipient networks shall update their relevant network elements in order to perform the porting. After the porting process is complete, the subscription details related to the ported DN on the donor network shall not be required and can be deleted. Therefore, only the number range owner network and the recipient network are involved in the MNP/NAGNPsolution for support of service to the ported subscriber.

The originating network may not be aware of the ported nature of the number; therefore the technical solution shall work even if networks other than the number range owner and recipient have no knowledge of the ported nature of the number.

NOTE: Other networks may be involved to increase the efficiency of call-set-up to ported numbers.

When a ported subscriber takes an additional DN at her subscription network that additional DN should not have to come from the number range owner network(s) of the subscriber’s ported numbers.

Where number ranges are assigned to network operators, the number range owner network shall receive the ported number back from the recipient network when the subscriber relinquishes the ported number, i.e. when the ported number ceases to be an active service number.