2 Description

22.0413GPPOperator Determined Barring (ODB)TS

Application of Operator Determined Barring is controlled by the Service Provider, by administrative interaction with the HLR; this interface is not standardized.

With the exception of the barring of roaming, the HLR affects Operator Determined Barring in a similar manner to Service Provider – activated use of the Call Barring Supplementary service. Consequently, the VLR and MSC also execute the relevant Barring Conditions in similar manners. It is noted that there is no password usage. Roaming is barred by the HLR when the MS is in a PLMN other than the Home PLMN or not in the Home PLMN Country as applicable.

In addition to ensuring the barring integrity for future calls, the HLR, and consequently the MSC and VLR, shall provide means to terminate the calls of a user that have been established prior to the application of the ODB service and which are still ongoing.