6 Monitored activity

22.0313G Security3GPPFraud Information Gathering System (FIGS)Service descriptionStage 1TS

The authorised party can request the VPLMN to monitor both call activity and supplementary services.

The monitoring of call activity shall take the form of transmission of call information from the VPLMN to the HPLMN, at the start and end of all calls. For long calls, the VPLMN shall also send partial call information a certain time (e.g. 15 minutes) after the call has begun.

Call information shall be sent to the HPLMN by the VPLMN on the invocation of all supplementary services, e.g.:

– call deflection;

– call forwarding;

– call hold;

– Multi Party (MPTYY);

– Explicit Call Transfer (ECT).

The HPLMN can decide to prevent future invocation of the same or all supplementary services using ODB. The decision mechanism is out of the scope of this specification.