5 Use of a password option in relation to supplementary services

22.0043GPPGeneral on supplementary servicesRelease 17TS

5.1 Definition

Some Supplementary Services (e.g. Call Barring) can be offered to a subscriber with the subscription option of using a password to control the service. When this option is selected every action (related to that Supplementary Service), such as registration, erasure, activation or deactivation is performed by the mobile subscriber with the concurrent entry of the password.

5.2 Description

When the subscription option "Control of a Supplementary Service by the subscriber using a password" is provided, password handling is supported by the network.

The password will consist of four digits in the range 0000 to 9999.

5.3 Management ‑ normal procedures and successful outcome

5.3.1 Provision of password option

Each Supplementary Service for which the control by the subscriber usage of a password is relevant may be offered with the subscription option "Control of the Supplementary Service". The values of this option will be:

‑ by the subscriber using a password;

‑ by the service provider.

NOTE: A service provider needs not to offer this option to its subscribers. However, the support of the password facility is mandatory in the networks for visiting subscribers.

5.3.2 Withdrawal of the password option

The password option may be withdrawn for administrative reasons or due to subscription modification.

5.3.3 Registration of password

If a mobile subscriber selects at provision time the option of using a password for any given Supplementary Service, the password have to be registered at the same time.

Furthermore, the subscriber can change the password by an appropriate control procedure at any time. The control procedure is described in 3GPP TS 22.030 [5].

5.3.4 Erasure of password

A password can be erased in two ways:

1) Registration of a new password erases the previous one; or

2) Withdrawal of the password option.

5.3.5 Password checking

If the mobile subscriber in an attempt to control a Supplementary Service requiring a password enters a correct password, the corresponding request is then considered by the network.

5.4 Management ‑ exceptional procedures or unsuccessful outcome

If the mobile subscriber in an attempt to control a Supplementary Service requiring a password, or in an attempt to register a new password, enters an incorrect password, the corresponding request will be rejected by the network and the subscriber will be notified.

If the mobile subscriber enters incorrect password more than three consecutive times, all control procedures related to the use of the password are made impossible until the service provider instructs the network to again accept password‑related requests from this subscriber.