F.3 Recorded announcements

22.0013GPPPrinciples of circuit telecommunication services supported by a Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN)Release 17TS

In present networks, both fixed and cellular, the language of recorded announcements and displayed information is invariably that of the country of origin. However, this is generally undesirable in a multi-lingual environment such as is encountered on a global network with international roaming. It is therefore probably desirable to minimise the number of such announcements.

Advanced UEs may be designed which have the ability to generate announcements in the form desired by the user, e.g. in the language preferred by the user. In this case, it becomes necessary to block any verbal announcements sent from the network towards the UE, to avoid clashes with those generated by the UE. The UE may be allowed to block in-band announcements in case appropriate announcements according to the Cause Information Elements (F.3) can be generated. The default setting of the UE shall be "non blocking", which could be set by MMI command to "blocking".

Announcements generated by the PLMN and sent to callers to that PLMN will generally be in the language of the PLMN. However, on some fixed networks it will be possible for the message to be signalled back to the caller’s local exchange, which will then generate the announcement in its local language.