6 Logical issues

21.1113GPPRelease 17TSUSIM and IC card requirements

6.1 Application selection

In a multiapplication environment, a flexible application selection method is required. The application identifier defined in ETSI TS 101 220 [5] should be used for application selection. Direct application selection, including selection by partial DF name and the EFDIR concept of ISO/IEC 7816-4 [12] shall be followed. In particular, a mechanism for the ME and the UICC shall be specified in order to allow the user, when the ME is in idle mode, to select and activate one application amongst those which are available and supported by the ME (this will permit the user to choose, for instance, between 2 different USIM applications). At switch on, the last active USIM shall be automatically selected. The last active USIM shall be stored on the UICC. By default if there is no last active USIM defined in the UICC, the user shall be able to select the active USIM amongst those available on the UICC.

6.2 Simultaneous access

A mechanism shall be specified for simultaneous access to several files or applications.