F.1 Measurement Point

38.101-23GPPNRPart 2: Range 2 StandaloneRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) radio transmission and reception

Figure F.1-1 shows the measurement point for the unwanted emission falling into non-allocated RB(s) and the EVM for the allocated RB(s).

Figure F.1-1: EVM measurement points

F.2 Basic Error Vector Magnitude measurement

The EVM is the difference between the ideal waveform and the measured waveform for the allocated RB(s)



is a set of modulation symbols with the considered modulation scheme being active within the measurement period,

are the samples of the signal evaluated for the EVM,

is the ideal signal reconstructed by the measurement equipment, and

is the average power of the ideal signal. For normalized modulation symbols is equal to 1.

The basic EVM measurement interval is defined over one slot in the time domain for PUCCH and PUSCH and over one preamble sequence for the PRACH.