F.9 Phase offset measurement for DMRS bundling

38.101-13GPPNRPart 1: Range 1 StandaloneRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) radio transmission and reception

F.9.1 Measurement point

The measurement point for phase offset measurement is defined in Figure F.9.1-1.

Figure F.9.1-1: Measurement point for phase offset for DMRS bundling

F.9.2 Symbols used

Phase offset is determined based on DMRS REs (3 DMRS symbols per slot) with the option to use data symbols.

F.9.3 Modified test signal

[editor notes: updates based on LS reply from RAN5]

F.9.4 Phase offset measurement

The phase offset measurement is based on the phase response of the Tx chain as derived based on Annex F.4.

The phase difference for each subcarrier between a reference timeslot tref and the measurement timeslot tm is then calculated as defined below:

The phase offset between the reference and measurement timeslots are then calculated as the maximum over the results for all subcarriers as shown below:

Annex G (normative):
Difference of relative phase and power errors