7.7E Spurious response for V2X

38.101-13GPPNRPart 1: Range 1 StandaloneRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) radio transmission and reception

7.7E.1 General

Spurious response is a measure of the receiver’s ability to receive a wanted signal on its assigned channel frequency without exceeding a given degradation due to the presence of an unwanted CW interfering signal at any other frequency for which a response is obtained, i.e. for which the out-of-band blocking limit as specified in clause 7.6E.3.1 is not met.

When UE is configured for NR V2X reception non-concurrent with NR uplink transmissions for NR V2X operating bands specified in Table 5.2E.1-1, the throughput shall be ≥ 95 % of the maximum throughput of the reference measurement channels as specified in Annexes A.7.2 with parameters for the wanted signal as specified in Table 7.7E.1-1 and Table 7.7E.1-2 for NR V2X bands. The relative throughput requirement shall be met for any SCS specified for the channel bandwidth of the wanted signal.

Table 7.7E.1-1: Spurious response parameters for NR V2X

RX parameter


Channel bandwidth

5 MHz2

10 MHz

20 MHz

30 MHz

40 MHz

Power in transmission bandwidth configuration


PREFSENS_V2X + channel bandwidth specific value below







NOTE 1: Reference measurement channel is A.7.2

NOTE 2: The CBW is only applicable for PS UE in n14.

Table 7.7E.1-2: Spurious response for NR V2X




PInterferer (CW)





Spurious response frequencies

7.7E.2 Spurious response for V2X con-current operation

For the inter-band con-current NR V2X operation, the requirements specified in clause 7.7E.1 shall apply for the NR sidelink reception in the operating Bands in Table 5.2E.1-1 and the requirements specified in clause 7.7 shall apply for the NR downlink reception in licensed band while all downlink carriers are active.