7.4E Maximum input level for V2X

38.101-13GPPNRPart 1: Range 1 StandaloneRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) radio transmission and reception

7.4E.1 General

Maximum input level is defined as the maximum mean power received at the UE antenna port, at which the specified relative throughput shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements for the specified reference measurement channel. When UE is configured for NR V2X reception non-concurrent with NR uplink transmissions for NR V2X operating bands specified in Table 5.2E.1-1, the throughput shall be ≥ 95 % of the maximum throughput of the reference measurement channels as specified in Annexes A.7.3 and A.7.4 with parameters specified in Table 7.4E.1-1.

Table 7.4E.1-1: Maximum input level of NR V2X

Rx Parameter


Channel bandwidth

5 MHz3

10 MHz

20 MHz

30 MHz

40 MHz

Power in Transmission Bandwidth Configuration












NOTE 1: Reference measurement channel is A.7.3 for 64 QAM.

NOTE 2: Reference measurement channel is A.7.4 for 256 QAM.

NOTE 3: The CBW is only applicable for PS UE in n14.

7.4E.2 Maximum input level for V2X con-current operation

For the inter-band con-current NR V2X operation, the requirements specified in clause 7.4E.1 shall apply for the NR sidelink reception in the operating Bands in Table 5.2E.1-1 and the requirements specified in clause 7.4 shall apply for the NR downlink reception in licensed band while all downlink carriers are active.