1 Scope

37.571-43GPPPart 4: Test suitesRelease 16TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification for UE positioning

The present document specifies the protocol and signalling conformance testing in TTCN for the UE:

– A-GPS at the UTRA Uu interface;

– LTE positioning at the LTE-Uu interface;

– A-GNSS at the UTRA Uu interface.

– NR positioning at the NR-Uu interface.

The following TTCN test specification and design considerations can be found in the present document:

– Test system architecture;

– Test models and ASP definitions;

– Test methods and usage of communication ports definitions;

– Test configurations;

– Design principles and assumptions;

– TTCN styles and conventions;

– Partial PIXIT proforma;

– Test suites in TTCN-2 and TTCN-3;

– The Test Suites designed and implemented in the present document are based on the test specifications in prose in 3GPP TS 37.571‑2 [3];

– The applicability of the individual test cases is specified in the test ICS proforma specification in 3GPP TS 37.571‑3 [4].