1 Scope

37.571-23GPPPart 2: Protocol conformanceRelease 16TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification for UE positioning

The present document specifies the protocol conformance testing for UTRAN, E-UTRAN and NR User Equipment (UE) supporting UE positioning.

This is the second part of a multi-part test specification. The following information can be found in this part:

– the overall protocol conformance test structure;

– the protocol conformance test configurations;

– the conformance requirement and reference to the core specifications;

– the test purposes; and

– a brief description of the test procedure, the specific test requirements and short message exchange table.

The Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) pro-forma could be found in the 3rd part of the present document.

The present document is valid for UE supporting UE positioning implemented according to 3GPP releases starting from Release 99 up to the Release indicated on the cover page of the present document.