5 W1AP services

37.4733GPPApplication Protocol (W1AP)Release 17TSW1 interface

W1AP provides the signalling service between ng-eNB-DU and the ng-eNB-CU that is required to fulfil the W1AP functions described in clause 7. W1AP services are divided into two groups:

Non UE-associated services: They are related to the whole W1 interface instance between the ng-eNB-DU and ng-eNB-CU utilising a non UE-associated signalling connection.

UE-associated services: They are related to one UE. W1AP functions that provide these services are associated with a UE-associated signalling connection that is maintained for the UE in question.

Unless explicitly indicated in the procedure specification, at any instance in time one protocol endpoint shall have a maximum of one ongoing W1AP procedure related to a certain UE.