10.1 General

37.3403GPPMulti-connectivityNROverall descriptionRelease 17Stage 2TS

Similar procedures as defined under clause (Dual Connectivity operation) in TS 36.300 [2] apply for MR-DC.

Similar CHO principles as defined in TS 36.300 [2] and TS 38.300 [3] apply for the Conditional PSCell Change and Conditional PSCell Addition in MR-DC.

Conditional PSCell Change and conditional PSCell addition are not supported for the MR-DC options NE-DC and NGEN-DC.

Configuration of a deactivated SCG in a conditional configuration, configuration of CPC while the SCG is deactivated and SCG deactivation while CPC is configured are not supported.

In MR-DC, CHO is supported in Master Node to eNB/gNB Change procedure, Inter-Master Node handover with/without Secondary Node change and eNB/gNB to Master Node change procedure.