4 General

37.1073GPPBase Station (BS) requirements and conformance tests for shared spectrum channel accessRelease 17TS

4.1 Relationship between minimum requirements and test requirements

The Minimum Requirements given in this specification make no allowance for measurement uncertainty. The test specification TS 36.141 [2] Annex G defines Test Tolerances for E-UTRA, and the test specification TS 38.141-1 [6] Annex C defines Test Tolerances for NR. These Test Tolerances are individually calculated for each test. The Test Tolerances are used to relax the Minimum Requirements in this specification to create Test Requirements.

The measurement results returned by the Test System are compared – without any modification – against the Test Requirements as defined by the shared risk principle.

The Shared Risk principle is defined in ITU-R M.1545 [3].