4 General

36.579-63GPPMission Critical (MC) services over LTEPart 6: Mission Critical Video (MCVideo) User Equipment (UE) Protocol conformance specificationRelease 15TS

4.1 Test methodology

4.1.1 Testing of optional functions and procedures

Any function or procedure which is optional, may be subject to a conformance test if it is implemented in the MCVideo Client.

A declaration by the MCVideo Client supplier (to use the Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) proforma specified in TS 36.579-4 [4]) is used to determine whether an optional function/procedure has been implemented.

4.1.2 Test interfaces and facilities

Detailed descriptions of the MCVideo

Client test interfaces and special facilities for testing are provided in TS 36.509 [19].

4.2 Implicit testing

For some 3GPP MCVideo protocol features conformance is not verified explicitly in the present document. This does not imply that correct functioning of these features is not essential, but that these are implicitly tested to a sufficient degree in tests which are not explicitly dedicated to test the feature.

4.3 Repetition of tests

As a general rule, the test cases specified in the present document are highly reproducible and do not need to be repeated unless otherwise stated.

4.4 Handling of differences between conformance requirements in different releases of cores specifications

The conformance requirements which determine the scope of each test case are explicitly copy-pasted from relevant core specifications in the especially dedicated for this clause of each test with the title ‘Conformance requirements’.

NOTE: When in the copy/pasted text there are references to other specifications the reference numbers will not match the reference numbers used in the present document. This approach has been taken in order to allow easy copy and then search for conformance requirements in those specifications.

When differences between conformance requirements in different releases of the cores specifications have impact on the Pre-test conditions, Test procedure sequence or/and the Specific message contents, the Conformance requirements related to different releases are specified separately with clear indication of the Release of the spec from which they were copied.

When there is no Release indicated for a conformance requirement text, this should be understood either as the Conformance requirements in the latest version of the spec with release = the TC Applicability release (which can be found in TS 36.579-4 [4], Table 4-1: Applicability of tests and additional information for testing, column ‘Release’), or, as the Conformance requirements in the latest version of the spec of the release when the feature was introduced to the core specs.

4.5 Reference conditions

The reference environments used by all signalling and protocol tests is specified in TS 36.579-1 [2]. Where a test requires an environment that is different, this will be specified in the test itself.

For all test cases in this document unless specified otherwise the condition MCVIDEO applies for all message contents.

4.6 Generic setup procedures

A set of basic generic procedures for MCVideo Client-Server communication are described in TS 36.579-1 [2]. These procedures will be used in numerous test cases throughout the present document.