22.5.12 NB-IoT / EPS NAS integrity and encryption / ZUC

36.523-13GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)Part 1: Protocol conformance specificationRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification Test Purpose (TP)


with { successful completion of EPS authentication and key agreement (AKA) procedure }

ensure that {

when { UE in NB-S1 mode receives an integrity protected and ciphering SECURITY MODE COMMAND message instructing to start integrity protection and ciphering algorithm with ZUC }

then { UE transmits an integrity protected with ZUC and ciphering SECURITY MODE COMPLETE and starts applying the NAS Integrity protection and NAS ciphering in both UL and DL }


with { Integrity protection and ciphering successful started by executing Security Mode Procedure}

ensure that {

when { UE in NB-S1 mode receives an IDENTITY REQUEST message without integrity protected }

then { UE does not transmit an IDENTITY RESPONSE message }

} Conformance requirements

Same Conformance requirements as in clause Test description Pre-test conditions

Same Pre-test conditions as in clause Test procedure sequence Test procedure sequence

Same Test procedure sequence as in table, except the integrity protection algorithm is ZUC. Specific message contents


Derivation path: 36.508 table 4.7.2-19

Information Element




Selected NAS security algorithms

– Type of integrity protection algorithm


EPS integrity algorithm 128-EIA3 (ZUC)

– Type of ciphering algorithm


EPS ciphering algorithm 128-EEA3 (ZUC)