A.2 Distributed energy saving deactivation

28.3103GPPEnergy efficiency of 5GManagement and orchestrationRelease 18TS


title Distributed energy saving deactivation Diagram

participant "MnS producer of Distributed ES" as MnSProdDSON

participant "Provisioning MnS producer" as MnSProdProv

participant "Distributed Energy Saving function" as DESFunction

note over DESFunction: Monitors the traffic load of the candidate cell

note over DESFunction: Detects that additioal capacity is needed

opt if decision is taken to re-activate the NR capacity booster cell

DESFunction -> MnSProdProv: 8. Inform that energySaving state has been changed to ‘OFF’

MnSProdProv -> MnSProdDSON: 9. <i>notifyMOIAttributeValueChanges</i> (energySaving, old value = ‘on’, new value = ‘off’)