A.4 MBS Application Provider (AF/AS) in external DN

26.5023GPP5G Multicast-Broadcast User Service ArchitectureRelease 17TS

Figure A.4-1 depicts a collaboration in which the MBS Application Provider (AF/AS) is deployed within the External DN.

1. The AF/AS invokes the Nnef service at reference point N33 to access the MBSF via the NEF. The NEF, in turn, invokes the Nmbsf service on the MBSF at reference point Nmb5 on behalf of the AF/AS.

2. The MBSTF injects packets into the MB‑UPF via reference point Nmb9.

NOTE: Italic type is used to annotate service-based interactions.

Figure A.4-1: Deployment with MBS Application Provider (AF/AS) in External DN