B.1 General

26.5013GPP5G Media Streaming (5GMS)General description and architectureRelease 18TS

A 5GMSd Application Provider may offer its content via multiple Access Networks from different operators. Each access network can consist of a 5G System and one or more 5G Media Streaming Architecture components, in particular its own 5GMSd AFs. The 5GMSd AFs of that access network use their own FQDNs and potentially their own URL root path elements. When a 5GMSd-Aware Application is deployed in different 5G Systems the 5GMSd Client needs to acquire Service Access Information that resolves to the 5GMSd AF endpoint address(es) appropriate for the serving 5G System. The Service Access Information contains the URLs and API parameters of the configured 5GMSd AFs and ASs of that 5G Media Streaming System.

There are different ways to resolve the matching service access information. This annex focuses on two solutions where the 5GMSd Client fetches the Service Access Information from a 5GMSd AF within the Trusted DN of the serving mobile network.