A.2 Downlink media streaming with both AF and AS deployed in the trusted Data Network

26.5013GPP5G Media Streaming (5GMS)General description and architectureRelease 18TS

This collaboration scenario shown in figure A.2-1 represents a MNO CDN scenario, where the CDN is used for ingest and delivery of the content. In this collaboration scenario, similar to that in clause A.1, the Media Session Handler is not present/necessary for downlink media streaming operation since all Service Access Information is delivered at reference point M8d from the 5GMSd Application Provider to the 5GMSd-Aware Application, and in turn the Service Access Information is passed to the Media Player. Similarly, M8d is used for UE application-level data reporting from the 5GMSd-Aware Application to the 5GMSd Application Provider. The 5GMSd AF is present in this scenario to obtain Service Access Information from the 5GMSd Application Provider (at M1d), and in turn, passes that information to the 5GMSd AS.

Figure A.2-1: Downlink media streaming with AF and AS in the trusted Data Network