A.0 General

26.5013GPP5G Media Streaming (5GMS)General description and architectureRelease 18TS

This annex describes a set of collaboration scenarios and deployment options of the 5G Media Streaming architecture. The intention is to illustate different deployment options.

Note that the scenarios focus on the ownership of the functions. Scalability realizations such as a CDN are not illustrated. As result of the scalability considerations, the M4-serving 5GMS AS and/or M5-serving 5GMS AF:

– May consist of multiple (physical) servers, which may be addressed using a single FQDN. A load balancer forwards client requests to one of these servers. Forwarding may be via HTTP redirects or transparent towards the client.

– May consist of multiple (physical) servers, where different servers, or different groups of servers, may be addressed with different FQDNs. The client may be made aware of this via the manifest (i.e. listing multiple base URLs).

NOTE: In this case the servers may be managed by the same or different parties (e.g. MNO and/or 5GMS Application Provider).

– May be addressed with a single FQDN. For example, the MNO AS is mostly transparent and acts as a proxy/cache.

NOTE: In every collaboration scenario of this Annex, any step which differs from the baseline call flow is shown in bold text.