6.3 Establishment of an Uplink Media Streaming Session

26.5013GPP5G Media Streaming (5GMS)General description and architectureRelease 18TS

The procedure allows a Media Streamer to establish an uplink streaming session with a 5GMSu AS.

Figure 6.3-1: Uplink Streaming Session Establishment


1: During provisioning, the Media Streamer component of the 5GMSu Client is provisioned with basic information, such as the 5GMSu AF and 5GMSu AS addresses. For some devices, only the remote control information is provisioned and all additional parameters are retrieved from Remote Controller.

2: The 5GMSu-Aware Application starts uplink media streaming.

3: The 5GMSu-Aware Application instructs the 5GMSu Client to provide a Media Streaming Entry.

When remote control is provisioned in step 1:

4: The transport session for remote control is established.

5: The 5GMSu Client starts waiting for incoming remote control commands.

6: The 5GMSu Client receives a remote control command to start uplink streaming (either now or with a timestamp). The Remote control command may contain details of the 5GMSu AS, etc.

7: The 5GMSu Client establishes the uplink transport session.

8: The 5GMSu Client establishes the uplink media streaming session.

When client assistance is provisioned:

9: The 5GMSu Client establishes the assistance channel to the provisioned 5GMSu AF(s).

When server assistance is desired (e.g. for QoS or charging):

10: The 5GMSu AS establishes an assistance session with the 5GMSu AF.