A.1 Introduction Motivation

26.3473GPPApplication Programming Interface and URLMultimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)Release 17TS

As the present document is primarily targeted at developers that use the MBMS function a few principle agreements were made.

1) The specification should set good practices for future API definition in 3GPP

2) The specification requires clear definitions of interface, function/element, messages, API, resource, etc.

3) The interfaces should be documented in the following manner:

a) Consistent graphical presentation

b) IDL for interface and message description

c) Doxygen for semantical description

d) Example Use Cases and Message Flows

4) The semantical description and messages flows include messages sent and received on each function as well as pre/post/error conditions.

5) As IDL enables easy conversion to different languages, no program-language specific APIs (e.g. JSON, Java, or C) are necessary, but may in general not be prohibited. If IDL can provide a non-ambiguous translation to JSON, Java and C, then the documentation may be informative, otherwise it may be added to the normative specification as a reference able option.

Based on these considerations, some suggested documentation details are provided