L.1 Feature analysis

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This clause provides an analysis of SVG Tiny 1.2 features in Table L.1.

Table L.1: Feature analysis of SVG Tiny 1.2

Element / feature




Should be used with caution.

In conjunction with other expensive features, which are OK for static scenes, animation may yield scenes with insufficient performance.


To be used sparingly.

High potential for performance hit, should be used with caution.


No constraint

desc / title / metadata

No constraint

Text Area

Should not be animated continuously.

SVG fonts

Should be used sparingly.

Use of SVG fonts may lead to poor readability, in which case device font support should be preferred. Also, SVG fonts increase the size of content and thus download times.


No constraint

May be safely ignored by SVG Tiny 1.2 implementations as there is no conformant rendering behaviour for foreignObject in SVG Tiny.

a / g / defs

No constraint


Animation of scale and rotation should be used sparingly.

Animation of scale and rotation of an image has a similar CPU requirement than transformed video rendering, and as such should be avoided on most devices.

linearGradient / radialGradient / stop

Should be used sparingly.

This may lead to a significant performance hit on lower/middle-end devices.

complex stroking and transparency

Should be used sparingly.

The screen surface used by transparent objects should be small. Full screen fade-in, fade-out (by simply animating fill-opacity and opacity on images) or cross-fade should be avoided on most devices. Use of complex stroking will incur a significant performance hit.

<all shapes>

No constraint


No constraint


No constraint


No constraint


No constraint


No constraint


No constraint

text / tspan

No constraint


(=embedded image support).

To be used sparingly.

High potential for performance hit, should be used with caution.


Video could be used with media-handling=’pinned’

Scaling = 1,1 / Rotation (none/0°)

SVG could provide a handling=media rotation for translation, rotation by 90°multiples or scaling. In any case no animation of the transformation.

On devices without hardware acceleration, frame-by-frame scaling, rotation and re-sampling of video is not achievable. Overlaying graphics on video content is considered a very expensive operation and may have significant consequences, such as lack of synchronization and degraded output quality.

The video rendering features are highly dependent on the host capabilities and one may expect potential differences between implementations. Content creators should be very cautious when dealing with such functionality.


should use property inheritance with caution

. Authors should be aware that inheritance incurs an execution cost at each frame for the objects in the part of the tree where inheritance is used.