3 Definitions and abbreviations

26.2023GPPAdaptive Multi-Rate - Wideband (AMR-WB) speech codecInterface to Iu, Uu and NbRelease 17Speech codec speech processing functionsTS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document the following terms and definitions apply:

AMR Wideband Generic Frame Interface: this interface transports the AMR-WB IF1 generic frame as defined in 3GPP TS 26.201.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

AAL2 ATM Adaptation Layer 2

ACS Active Codec Set

AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate

AS Access Stratum

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BFH Bad Frame Handling

CMR/CMC Codec Mode Request or Codec Mode Command

CMI Codec Mode Indication

CN Core Network

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access

DRC Downlink Rate Command

FDD Frequency Duplex Division

FQC Frame Quality Classification (Iu Interface)

FQI Frame Quality Indication (AMR-WBIF1)

GSM Global System for Mobile communications

ITU-T International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication standardisation sector (former CCITT)

MAC Media Access Control

MGW Media GateWay

PCM Pulse Code Modulation, synonym for 64 kBit/s coded speech (see ITU-T G.711)

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

QoS Quality of Service

RAN Radio Access Network

RAB Radio Access Bearer

RF Radio Frequency

RFC RAB sub-flow Combination

RFCI RFC Indicator


RX Receive

SCR Source Controlled Rate

SDU Source Data Unit

SID Silence Insertion Descriptor

SMpSDU Support Mode for Predefined SDU sizes

SPD SPeech Decoder

SPE SPeech Encoder

TC Transcoder

TDD Time Duplex Division

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access

TFO Tandem Free Operation

TrFO Transcoder Free Operation

TX Transmit

UE User Equipment (terminal)

URC Uplink Rate Command